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Chunk Master, Dachshund

Poor Little Chunky Monkey!

Our poor little dog, Chunk, somehow pulled his nail out! At first we didn’t notice cause he wasn’t whining or hiding, he just kept licking his paw!

But then we noticed his bloody paw and his paw prints into the house! Paul and I grabbed him in a panic, but got things under control with the trusty first aid kit. His paw is bandaged up real good, and luckily we still had his cone!

Chunk seems to be fine, and was super excited to get some peanut butter cookie treats for being such a good sport with his bandaged paw and cone! Paul will be checking in with the vet today to make sure he’s ok!


Keep Chunk in your thoughts that he’ll be running around soon!

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One thought on “Poor Little Chunky Monkey!

  1. Poor little Chunkster. He’s in our thoughts. Hope everything turns out alright, which I am sure it will. He has great parents like you two so we know he’s in the best of hands. He’s such a cutie and oh how we love our babies, We have 5 babies!!!

    Posted by Lorrie Stafford | September 1, 2011, 6:29 am

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