Howl-O-Weenie 2012

I'm feeling pretty good as I've been behind on my posts, but I am however getting this up before Halloween, so this is progress! A few weekends back, I think it was the same weekend as the Greek Festival, we finally got the opportunity to take Chunk to Howl-O-Weenie!

Last year we were out-of-town for a wedding, so Chunk went without us, and the year before that I think we may have actually had another wedding. So we were so excited to be able to check out the festivities!

They had all kinds of great contests, starting of course with the costume contest. While we were certainly proud of Chunk's banana costume, it was no match for all of these other creative doxie owners! We didn't even try to compete!

 I wish we had gotten more pictures of Chunk in the banana costume, but this was the best we had... doesn't do the coolness of the banana costume justice.

But there were definitely a lot of cool costumes, and it wasn't just the doxies dressing up, but they were duos with their owners! Check out the Wicked Witch and Dorothy!

I couldn't resist including this little guy! He's a ferocious lion and while you can't see his owner... they were dressed as the Circus Lion Tamer!

But my personal Best in Show were these three! The Bus and Crosswalk Lady comes in third, The Doxie Jockie duo come in second, and finally the Allpotraz Convicts come in first! There were so many creative costumes... it was a very cool event!

After the costume contest, they had the licking contest which Paul was a judge for, then it was onto bobbing for weenies (which Chunk would have been great at - but he was a little out of his element!).

And I can't forget to thank Paul's cousin Lori, her husband Larry, and their adorable girls Lexi and Lena for coming out to the festivities! They have a big dog, so this was a new experience for them! And Lexi and Lena loved holding Chunk! Paul got this great picture of them, so I just had to include it!!!

Our Family Santa Pictures!

Paul, in coordination with Elaine, planned this year's Annual Family Santa Shoot, and of course we couldn't miss out on getting pictures with Santa. We had the privileged of getting pictures with Santa last year, and our dog Chunk has a blast!

So naturally, we have to make a tradition out of it and we got some great shots with Santa for 2011! We had a lot of fun and Chunk really enjoyed visiting with Santa too!

Check it out!

To get more information about the Santa Shoot, go to or you can contact Paul or Elaine by clicking on their names!

Santa's Back! Get Your Santa Pictures with Our Favorite Santa

Last year we did a photo shoot with Santa (at our house) and he's back again this year! I'm definitely planning to get some family shots (Paul, Chunk and myself... the cats aren't really into pictures).

Chunk really enjoyed getting his picture taken with Santa, and I know he will be excited to visit with him again this year! Check out some of the great shots we got last year!

Paul is working with the REAL Santa Claus and they've got some great packages for your holiday photos! And if you just want to give your kids a great Santa experience, it's totally FREE! The only cost you would incur is if you want to walk away with photos. Either the sitting fee cost (for those that choose to bring your own camera) or you can buy photos, discs and holiday cards.

The atmosphere will be warm and cozy at the festive Perdue Mansion with great holiday sounds and complimentary Milk and Cookies! Oh YEAH!

Definitely check out the details at or contact Paul directly at 770-316-2812 or [email protected]

Also you can check Paul's photography out at!

The Chunk Pumpkin!

Desi and Tristan came over tonight to help decorate for our Halloween Party tomorrow night - and have dinner with us (Paul cooked up an amazing roast!)! Anyway the decor was not going to be complete without The Chunk Pumpkin! This was my first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin and while it was harder than expected, I am very pleased with the outcome!

Our friends Natalie and Michael Webb sent us a template cause it looks just like our dog Chunk. I was so excited save the stencil for over a month in my inbox waiting for the right time to execute our work of art!

Paul started out by cutting the top (lid) and cleaning out the inside. He started to do the set-up or the stencil, and cut out the nose and first ear and then I took over the rest! You can check out the template above and see some photos of the process below. Chunk even stayed by me while I made his pumpkin portrait! I'm so excited, it turned out awesome!

Such a beautiful Chunk Pumpkin! If you've got any cool pumpkin art, I'd love to see them. And if you have recommendations for what we could do next time, I'd love to try them out!

Happy Halloween and check back soon as we'll be posting more fun pics from the fun weekend ahead!

Happy Birthday Chunk Master!

Chunk Master turns 2 years old today! He's been the best dog we could have ever asked for, and I wouldn't change having gotten him for anything!

Just under two years ago, Paul and I were in Helen, GA celebrating Oktoberfest with a group of friends. We were partying it up with lots of beer and good eats, and decided to tour around Helen's array of shops.


Robin, a fellow dachshund lover, saw a sign outside one of the shops "Dachshund Puppies For Sale" and immediately wanted to check it out! All the ladies rushed down to check out the pups, and the guys fell behind. By the time Paul got down, I had the adorable little Chunk in my hands and it was LOVE at first sight! Paul and I looked at each other and kept going back and forth saying, "you wanna?", "you wanna?" We gave in, RUSHED to the ATM, and came back cash in hand to claim our pup!

Chunk has been such a joy to watch grow up! He's a very mild manor-ed, well-behaved, happy dog, with a puppy personality at heart! We adore him, and hope to be able to keep him with us for many years to come, he's like Paul and my first child! Hehe

Click  HERE to see Chunk grow!

Poor Little Chunky Monkey!

Our poor little dog, Chunk, somehow pulled his nail out! At first we didn't notice cause he wasn't whining or hiding, he just kept licking his paw!

But then we noticed his bloody paw and his paw prints into the house! Paul and I grabbed him in a panic, but got things under control with the trusty first aid kit. His paw is bandaged up real good, and luckily we still had his cone!

Chunk seems to be fine, and was super excited to get some peanut butter cookie treats for being such a good sport with his bandaged paw and cone! Paul will be checking in with the vet today to make sure he's ok!


Keep Chunk in your thoughts that he'll be running around soon!