Our First Trip to H-Mart!

In and effort to spice things up with our HC3 Diet, Paul and I have been coming up with new and innovative ideas for lunch and dinner options. We decided it was time to take a trip to the Super H-Mart to get some great produce, seafood and meat options! It was quite an experience! There's an awesome selection, but also a lot of interesting items to choose from!

It was kind of funny because I felt like a "tourist" taking pictures of all kinds of items in there that aren't things we'd normally find in Walmart, Kroger or Publix, like Pig's Tongue, Chicken Feet, Pig's Heart, and more! We stuck with the safe stuff, but it was definitely fun, take a look!


Hopefully I'll be able to post some cool new recipes with the various items Paul and I decided to experiment with; we are excited! We're working on a homemade tomato sauce that we plan to have with "shredded squid" as noodles! We can't have real noodles,  so this seemed like a viable option! I'll definitely post about how it turns out...And I also can't wait to try the awesome Spicy Cod Fish and Veggie Soup, should be easy and delicious!

Bryan Adam - Bare Bones in Peachtree City

Several months back Paul's client, Wyndham Peachtree City Conference Center, invited Paul and several guests to join in for an evening out to see Bryan Adams and to experience the amenities of the resort. We couldn't resist the offer and invited our friend's Desi and Tristan to join us! Desi and Tristan were married just over a month ago and their first dance was "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" by Bryan Adams, so it was a no-brainer about inviting them to join us.

I must say, Wyndham did it up right with a great pre-reception with delicious food and cocktails, a delightful golf cart ride to the amphitheater, an AMAZING concert, and a post-concert cocktail party. We all had a blast thanks to Wyndham!

Bryan Adams was amazing as well! His Bare Bones tour is an acoustic tour in which he is playing acoustic guitar accompanied by piano (depending on the song). He sounded great, and had a lot of character as well, he was definitely cracking jokes throughout the night!

Check out some pics from this awesome evening!


And of course before the concert was over, Bryan Adams serenaded us with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"! Can't beat seeing that...Happy One Month Anniversary Desi and Tristan!