Kindness... as Interpreted by Ze Frank

During the election I came across some hilarious commentary by Ze Frank about the debates and ever since I've been enjoying my Youtube subscription to his channel and the video I came across today just stuck with me and I needed to share! It's about KINDNESS! And during this time of fresh starts with the New Year and resolutions I think it's such a great message!

Check it out below!


While the entire message stands out to me, I did pull an awesome quote that I'd love to share and hope you enjoy whether or not you watch the video!

"Kindness - It's like little rays of light that emanate out from the interactions you have with people, maybe little candles that light inside them...You can tell the people that have had a lot of experience with kindness, they glow like they do have a lot of tiny little candles burning inside of them." - Ze Frank

Pass on the kindness and start glowing and seeing others glow!