I have over 100 apps (non-standard issue) on my iPhone, and am continually finding more and more that I want and need. I don’t know what I did before my iPhone and it’s many wonderful apps! I have almost 40 different game apps, it’s nice for entertaining myself and my niece and nephew who are always dying to play on my phone anytime they see me! There is seriously something to be said for the saying “there’s an app for that!”

So here’s my list of ten most used apps on MY iPhone.

1) My Fitness Pal: One of my close friends, Yarden, recommended this app to me! She’s a droid person, but they have this app for everyone! It’s a calorie counting and overall weight and fitness management application! It’s very user-friendly and can help you attain your weight goals! Also, a nice (and new feature for iPhone) is that you can scan barcodes to find calorie counts! Not everything is in the system, but as people input info based on the barcodes, they are adding more and more to the database. It is wonderful and has been very helpful for Paul and I!

2) Facebook: I don’t think an explanation is needed. The application really isn’t near as good as being on Facebook on the computer, but it is definitely convenient when you aren’t near your computer and want to check what people are posting on the wall, and viewing comments, etc.

3) MapQuest or Google Maps: Paul and I NEVER print out directions anymore! With the MapQuest App, we get voice command turn by turn directions, and the beauty of it is while you are listening to iTunes or Pandora, it will fade the music so you hear the directions! And it’s FREE! It can be a little glitchy here and there, which is why we will generally use the standard issue Google Maps app as a backup.

4) Words With Friends: I think this is one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone, I’ve been somewhat bad about keeping up with my games, but it’s because I have thirteen or more games going on at once. But it’s definitely a nice way to exercise the mind, work on your vocab, and in some cases outshine your friends!

5) Pandora: Who needs to purchase music anymore when you can listen to almost any artist and similar artists with variety! We LOVE Pandora! It has definitely broadened our music selection, turned us on to new artists, and in some cases prompted us to buy music.

6) iTV: Paul and I are in the very small population that does not have DVR, so I actually will plan my evenings around TV shows, and this is my TV Guide! It will tell me when shows are new and notify me prior to the show, to make sure I don’t miss it. I really do like this app, and I even think it may work with some DVRs to help you record, if you have the privileged of doing so…

7) Bank of America: Gotta keep those finances in order! I really love this app, granted I prefer to work with the computer log-in for Bank of America, but in short notice I can check my balance, set-up payments, transfer funds, and find a bank or atm near me. It’s pretty wonderful!

8) Angry Birds: I have three different Angry Bird Apps on my phone, and all of them are very entertaining. At one point I had beaten all levels and was hanging on the whim of Angry Bird Developers to send out an update, but I have since gotten busy and have plenty of catching up to do on all of them, general Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio.

9) Blockbuster: While Paul and I tried Netflix, it just didn’t suit us. So we are back to Blockbuster, and the app helps me to be add new movies to the queue on the fly! I can check on when new movies will be mailed out to us and what new movies are releasing. And the beauty of the Blockbuster set-up is if we finish a movie we can exchange it immediately at the store! We like the instant gratification there…

10) Shazam: I love so much music, but overall I am a soundtrack girl. I watch shows and movies and hear music I love, and this app allows me to find out who the artist is or what song it is. I love it, cause then I could technically create a soundtrack for my life, based on what I pull up on Shazam at any given time. Love it!

Definitely let me know of any Apps you can’t live without, I may not have them and would probably LOVE to check them out…