While I do love the reality shows, particularly, the Bachelorette, Love in the Wild and Master Chef, I am sincerely ready for the fall prime-time line-up to start back up! I am a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and can’t wait for that to come back. But there are lot of new shows coming this fall that I am super excited to see!

Grey’s Anatomy: Last season ended as usual with unanswered questions! With Meredith’s tapering of the Alzheimer’s trial and Derek questioning her as a doctor, wife and mother – the future of Meredith’s career, marriage and how they will handle having gotten that adorable little girl, is all uncertain. Callie and Arizona were married just after Callie had the baby (not before the awful car accident). I imagine the drama will them will calm. But now the question of having a child looms with Yang and Owen. Lexie is now with Avery, but I really do think she is still in love with Sloan, and belongs with him! And then there is Teddy and her “Husband” who I really want her to have a happily ever after with.

Now previews I’ve seen, show Meredith fired, Derek no-where to be found relative to their newly adopted daughter, Yang still questioning being a mother, and other drama with Karev. In any case, I’m so ready for it to be back on! Premiere is September 22nd for two whole hours!

HOUSE: House is the other show I don’t like to miss! I won’t go into a full recap, because the story line fluctuates so much, but I do remember that he ran a car into Cuddy’s dining room on the season finale, and I can’t imagine how things will change! But rumor has it, she is not coming back, and neither are some others! Season Premiere is October 3rd.

New Girl! I LOVE Zoey Deschanel. She always seems to be a supporting actress, but I think this will be a very fun light-hearted show, that will be worth the watchin! Jess (Zoey’s character), is a socially awkward gal who moves in with three bachelors after getting dumped by her boyfriend. Apparently the guys only take in her mess because her BFF is a model. But they soon come to appreciate Jess’ quirkiness (you mean Zooey’s – she was awesome in Failure to Launch) and try to help her re-enter the dating scene. I think this will be a super fun light-hearted show that Paul may even enjoy watching with me! Season Premiere September 20th!

Once Upon a Time:  This just looks like a really cool drama that intertwines fantasy with real life, and I’m definitely more and more excited, the more I see! “The fantastical drama, which will tell dual stories set in present-day Storybrooke and in fairy tale land, comes from Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for lots of references to time travel and polar bears.” – As noted on TVGuide.com. Season Premiere is October 25th!

Pan Am: This looks like another good one from ABC! Set in the ’60s, the drama centers on the loves and lives of stewardesses of the iconic titular airline. Although lauded as symbols of sleek, Jet Age glamour, their personal lives are full of turbulence. And it’s got Christina Ricci in it! She’s been hibernating for what seems to be a while, so it will be cool to see her back in  this awesome new drama! And Paul will probably watch this one too, cause he likes Christina Ricci! Premiere is September 25th!

There are so many new shows coming out, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll be watching! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings… DO NOT DISTURB… Wednesdays will be a free for-all (whatever can keep my attention – Probably X-Factor and Happy Endings) In any case, I am so ready for some real dramas to start… enough of the reality TV.

Can’t wait!