A Beautiful September Day on Lake Lanier

We were out on Lake Lanier yesterday, and it was absolutely gorgeous! This month is going to be an awesome one for some relaxing days on the lake. There was barely anyone out, I don't know if it was the time of the year of the fact that UGA was playing, but it was nice with minimal crowds, it was kind of like we had the lake to ourselves!

Check out some fun on Lake Lanier... we have video this time! Fun stuff ;-)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-dZ8cvwAS4]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF2Gg_xG0-g]

We really need to plan a camping trip now that the temperatures are cooling down (especially at night)!

Labor Day Holiday in Smoky Mountains - North Carolina... Wonderful!

We've started an annual Labor Day trip to the Smoky Mountains with our friend's Shane and Ashley Cash. This was the third year out, and it was gorgeous! Of all the trips we've taken, I very much look forward to this one because it's not only beautiful, but its SOOOO relaxing. The cabin we rent is situated right on the river, and has an awesome covered porch with rocking chairs so you can relax and watch all the kayakers, rafters and tubers float by.

Even though Chunky had hurt himself, that didn't get him down! He loves to run, especially at the cabin in NC (cone and all)!
Ashley got a cool watch and it a super cute Zebra Bag!
We just love jewelry!
I got a really cute new bracelet and it was only $5!

The highlights of this trip mostly took place in Asheville, which is about a 45 minute drive from where we were staying. Unbeknown-st to us, there are a festival going on down North Lexington St., where we were entertained with people watching everywhere we looked! It was pretty awesome.

Labor Day Weekend Festivities in Asheville, NC
The Festivities Begin!
People watching is so fun!
Enjoying a beer at the Thai Restaurant we stopped at...
Lunch with the Cash's in Asheville, NC
Musical Delights, The Johnny Cakes...
Very Cool
Little ole me...
We were the weird ones without these awesome outfits!
This was another character we watched... and he didn't have shoes! UGH. Of course he wasn't the only one!
You have to see both the front and the back to get the full effect of this kind of people watching! haha
Yeah, what a fun time... can't wait until next year!

Click here to view the full gallery!

Ashley and I enjoyed our shopping in both Asheville and downtown Dillsboro, and while we tried to make it to the Biltmore for a wine tasting, we were a bit too distracted and missed out on that opportunity! Either way it was an awesome trip, and we can't wait for next year!

Congratulations to Liz and Josh! What a Beautiful Wedding!

This past weekend Paul and I were down in St. Simon's Island for a wedding! Liz (the bride) was a previous co-worker of Paul's and she asked if he would do the honor of photographing her big day. Liz and Josh were married at Villa De Suenos, a gorgeous luxury oceanfront home in St. Simon's Island. It was a beautiful estate, amazing weather, and a very sweet intimate ceremony.

We were very excited to be able to share in Liz and Josh's big day! Take a peak at some of the beautiful images from the wedding!

The location was amazing! I would love to go back for a week vaca/couple's retreat! Wouldn't that be fun!?

To see more photos check out Paul Perdue Photography!

Paul's Cranking Out Some AMAZING Artwork!

While down in the St. Simon's Island area for a wedding, Paul and I had the opportunity to tour around Jekyll Island.  Neither of us had ever been before, so we thought it would be a great new place to check out! For only being seven miles long, it's definitely a photographer's dream, and has plenty more activities that would definitely bring Paul and I back again in the future!

So on to the images! I think we are going to get one blown up as a 30 x 40 for over our bed! Which do you think we should get?? See the full gallery here!

I love the ones with the driftwood, there is a Dali feel, but they also feel so desolate, and I don't know if I want that over my bed!

The tree ones are beautiful, and you'd have to imagine them in black and white b/c that is how we would have the one for the bedroom done!

We really need a horizontal one, but I do love this one! It's got so much color and dynamic! You should definitely check out the full gallery here!

And if you are interested in purchasing prints or canvases of Paul's work contact him via his website paulperdue.com.

Hope you enjoy!

Paul's Awesome Photography in St. George Island

Following our trip to PCB, Paul and Elaine traveled to St. George Island to meet with another client, Sandy Mitchem, and network a bit. St. George Island is beautiful! Check out the images below and click here to view the full gallery!

Amazing photography Paul, you are SO talented! Love you! ;-)

PCB Trip this Past Weekend...

Paul has gotten a lot of business photographing properties, for sale and for rent, and got a gig to photograph some property in PCB. Paul's parent's already have a condo down there, so it's minimal expense when available, and it's a great way for PerdueVision to increase business!

Even though it was just for the weekend, you just can't say no to the opportunity to go to the beach! We had the privilege of spending the weekend with John and Elaine Hoyt, and it was a lot of fun working with them as well as hanging out with them! Hopefully Paul and Elaine can drum up more business at the beach so we can take more trips to the beach for a bit of business and a bit more pleasure!

Check out some pics from our mini vaca to PCB! The water was amazing! The waves were so calm, e were able to lay on floats in the ocean, it was great!


And if you are either looking for beach rentals or property photography, we've got what you need! Check out CondosForVacation for rentals, and PerdueVision for everything else!

Bryan Adam - Bare Bones in Peachtree City

Several months back Paul's client, Wyndham Peachtree City Conference Center, invited Paul and several guests to join in for an evening out to see Bryan Adams and to experience the amenities of the resort. We couldn't resist the offer and invited our friend's Desi and Tristan to join us! Desi and Tristan were married just over a month ago and their first dance was "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" by Bryan Adams, so it was a no-brainer about inviting them to join us.

I must say, Wyndham did it up right with a great pre-reception with delicious food and cocktails, a delightful golf cart ride to the amphitheater, an AMAZING concert, and a post-concert cocktail party. We all had a blast thanks to Wyndham!

Bryan Adams was amazing as well! His Bare Bones tour is an acoustic tour in which he is playing acoustic guitar accompanied by piano (depending on the song). He sounded great, and had a lot of character as well, he was definitely cracking jokes throughout the night!

Check out some pics from this awesome evening!


And of course before the concert was over, Bryan Adams serenaded us with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"! Can't beat seeing that...Happy One Month Anniversary Desi and Tristan!

Our Charleston Vaca!

We decided to take a short vaca with some friends, one because we wanted to get away, but also because we've never taken a trip with our friends Gus and Jenni and Jenni was about to be back to school (she's a teacher)! The plans seemed to be last minute, but we knew for sure we wanted to go to Charleston. Jenni and I had never been, so we were excited at the opportunity to tour this historic city!

I must say Charleston is a gorgeous city, we were there for a total of three full days, and could have stayed another three to five days and still not seen everything we would have like, but we did cover a lot! I think we walked at least five miles a day! Check out this slideshow of images that Paul took, and for the full gallery, click here.


We spent a lot of time touring the Churches around the city (St. Michael's Church, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. Phillips Episcopal Church, to name a few), as well as walking about the beautiful houses. The architecture around the city was amazing and I am proud of the preservation they have been able to do throughout the city.

We made a point to visit the market from end to end and even got an awesome pendant from the G2 Collection which consists of jewelry that are replicas of Gates around Historic Charleston! So beautiful! Oh and we couldn't leave without getting some of the great spices and mixes that make Charleston culinary style a true ART!

And of course we couldn't miss out on the array of awesome local restaurants, like 82 Queen, Hyman's, Fleet Landing, and Pearlz. There are definitely some awesome spots around the city, and honestly I think you could spend weeks touring the great local restaurants! It was a bit of a challenge sticking to our HC3 Trim diet, but I think we did pretty well considering!

We had a blast and I would totally recommend a visit to Charleston, and definitely plan to go back again sometime!