We decided to take a short vaca with some friends, one because we wanted to get away, but also because we’ve never taken a trip with our friends Gus and Jenni and Jenni was about to be back to school (she’s a teacher)! The plans seemed to be last minute, but we knew for sure we wanted to go to Charleston. Jenni and I had never been, so we were excited at the opportunity to tour this historic city!

I must say Charleston is a gorgeous city, we were there for a total of three full days, and could have stayed another three to five days and still not seen everything we would have like, but we did cover a lot! I think we walked at least five miles a day! Check out this slideshow of images that Paul took, and for the full gallery, click here.


We spent a lot of time touring the Churches around the city (St. Michael’s Church, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. Phillips Episcopal Church, to name a few), as well as walking about the beautiful houses. The architecture around the city was amazing and I am proud of the preservation they have been able to do throughout the city.

We made a point to visit the market from end to end and even got an awesome pendant from the G2 Collection which consists of jewelry that are replicas of Gates around Historic Charleston! So beautiful! Oh and we couldn’t leave without getting some of the great spices and mixes that make Charleston culinary style a true ART!

And of course we couldn’t miss out on the array of awesome local restaurants, like 82 Queen, Hyman’s, Fleet Landing, and Pearlz. There are definitely some awesome spots around the city, and honestly I think you could spend weeks touring the great local restaurants! It was a bit of a challenge sticking to our HC3 Trim diet, but I think we did pretty well considering!

We had a blast and I would totally recommend a visit to Charleston, and definitely plan to go back again sometime!