Not more than four months ago, Paul sold his beloved Subaru WRX, and made a nice profit on it, so it worked out! But since then he has driven around his little 95′ Honda Civic (aka the Caribbean Queen) full-time. And while it is a very nice car, it gets great fuel economy, and has been a great trip and around town car, he’s not gotten the most respectful and positive feedback on it from business clients as well as friends and family.

And if you know Paul, you know he has a very strong love of cars, and very much identifies with them. So when he isn’t driving something that speaks “Paul” he’s just not quite as happy!

Now before we get to the new vehicle we have purchased, I have to give a little more back story about Curtis! Curtis has been a life-long friend of Paul’s they grew up together, and have continued to stay friends. Paul and I have had the pleasure of living with Curtis not once, but two different times, and have thoroughly enjoyed his great character, personality and stories. For the longest time both Paul and I thought that Curtis would be an AWESOME car sales rep. He’s worked in countless sales and labor intensive positions, but never before had he tried out cars. It seemed like a no-brainer for us because Curtis also has a love of cars, and not only that but he’s an AWESOME salesperson!

Paul and I worked our magic with Curtis’ resume, and he went out and of course sold himself! He started out at Ford, but has recently moved to Rick Case Hyundai! And he’s making a killing, teaming him up with a car like Hyundai was a perfect fit. The cars generally sell themselves and Curtis generally sells people, it’s a match made in heaven.

Now onto our new “pre-owned” car! It came into Curtis’ location, an 05 Hyundai GX350, and immediately he sent a picture to Paul, the same day Paul was test driving it, and the following day they were working the details of the deal out! For being six years old, this car is in immaculate shape! It’s absolutely gorgeous Everything went fast, but now Paul’s happy because he’s got a presentable vehicle, Curtis’ happy because he made ANOTHER deal, and I’m happy, partly because Paul’s happy, partly in consideration that in the future we will have a family, and of course because I can actually drive it too!

Thank you Curtis for hooking us up with this awesome deal! I’m glad it worked out for all of us!

If you’re looking for a new or used car (doesn’t have to be a Hyundai), definitely call or message Curtis! Check him out on Facebook at Curtis’ New Deals or call him at 678-770-2175, or just stop in to see him at Rick Case Hyundai in Gwinnett!