The drive up went really smooth, we were able to leave the house around 5AM, and made it into the city by 2:30PM. I think we hit is just right!

We’re staying right in the city with a friend, and the house is pretty awesome and in walking distance of Capitol Hill! Thank you Jeff and especially Chantal for giving us a free place to stay! The house is a 1930’s home and has so much character! Chantal also has a great garden in the back yard.

Hanging with friends, meeting new people, and catching up on old times! We were enjoying the good company of Jeff and Chantal.

After a few drinks, we decided to head over to the fish market to grab some fresh fish to grill out, gotta love having these kind of things so close!

We ended up getting some fresh grouper, and I was ready to get back to grill it up! I get grumpy when I’m hungry, can you tell??

Well we got back and the guys cooked up some amazing grouper (the best we’ve ever had!) and corn on the cobb, and it was amazing! After a long day of driving, I crashed, but the boys partied on!

It was definitely a good start to this mini vaca and wedding trip!