Last night we celebrated Shane Cash’s birthday with some good eats at Dark Horse Tavern in the Virginia Highlands, followed by some Live Band Karaoke with Metalsome at 10 High Club just below Dark Horse.

Dinner was nice with Shane, Ashley, Matt, Ruben and Kim. It was a beautiful evening and we dined on the patio… it was a nice start to the evening. Following dinner we headed down to Ten High which was actually kind of dead at 9:30/10PM. In the process we met up with Kara, Kevin and Amanda. We thought that Karaoke started at 9:30, but I guess the lack of crowd delayed the band… or maybe we were wrong about the time! Who knows, but we were ready to get this show on the road!

The band came on around 10:30! They played a few songs to get warmed up and get the crowd going and I was shocked at how many people started piling in! Paul, Shane and Amanda were our stars for the evening! Everyone else cheered them on! All three of them had sung with Metalsome before so this wasn’t their first time to the stage.

Paul was up first with Bon Jovi’sDead or Alive!’ And he killed it! I recorded each of them on my phone… would have been nice to have the 5D and a link into the sound system, but we kept it casual with the iPhone!

Check out Paul!

Shane was right after Paul with ACDC‘s ‘Highway to Hell‘! And he knocked it out! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shane sing like that…

And last of our group (for the first round) was Amanda and she did AWESOME! She was definitely the best female vocalist of the evening!

After the first round of singers, Paul and Shane stepped up to  the stage to do one more song each, and blew everyone away. These videos don’t do it justice!
Either way it was a blast and you should definitely check it out! I don’t sing in public myself unless I’ve had TOO MANY drinks! But I’ve heard it’s an exhilarating feeling to get up and sing with the band! It’s not your typical karaoke, that’s for sure!

Happy Birthday Shane! Thanks for a fun evening, we really enjoyed hanging with all our friends for some LIVE ROCK BAND KARAOKE!!! What a Monday night…