Our Mustache Bash Baby Shower!

I can't believe it's been an entire month since I've posted a blog, but I guess that is par for the course when you are preparing for a baby on the way! And we couldn't be more grateful as we had an awesome baby shower! It was a mustache bash for our little man Liam!

We had such a great turn-out I was super overwhelmed with everything our little man will have to make life that much easier! We couldn't be more excited and thankful for everything everyone gave us! We had some fun games like word scramble, baby bingo, guess the m&m's in the bottle and my favorite "Guess that Stash". Paul designed the invitations as well as the games, and it was a lot of fun! Then it was onto opening gifts! It was mostly the ladies for the event, but the men came back toward the end and Paul got to help me open a couple of the last presents.


I want to thank everyone that came out (from near and far ;)) and were so gracious to give all these wonderful gifts and I of course want to thank my mother-in-law (Marty) and sister-in-law (Elizabeth) who did an awesome job hosting and pulling things together, my friends Kristin (Storey) and Yarden for helping to set-up, clean-up, and MC... not to mention paint mustaches on mugs with me! And of course I also want to thank Elaine for taking all these awesome pictures!


If you'd like to seem more fun pics from the shower, click here! It won't be long before Liam will be here so stay tuned!

My Virtual Makeover! It's Amazing What You Can Do!

So, I have decided I'm going to try to grow my hair out. I don't know what has gotten into me because I always have short hair! ALWAYS! And I think I look good with short hair, so it's not a bad thing, but the biggest challenge with having longer hair is growing it, and patience to wait for it to grow out!

Anyway, I decided to try out some new "do's" online! It's amazing what you can do on a computer. I searched around and found a fun Virtual Makeover site that actually does a pretty amazing job at making not only alternate hair styles look realistic, but also make-up! I went from a picture with no make-up or style to a gorgeous masterpiece! haha

You start by uploading a picture... and it gives specs. Then you mark areas of your face with dots to let the program know where things should be, etc. Then onto the make-up application!

First you start with foundation... And you can even choose the make-up you use by brand! Or maybe you want to try out a different make-up to see how it would look! I use Smashbox foundation, so I figured why not go with what I already have...

And then you move onto blush, eyes and lips... I noticed the biggest difference with the eye make-up! Very cool options for shadow application (one, two and,three color application) as well as eye liner with a very broad spectrum of colors!

You can even play with contacts... check me out with green eyes! Oh YEAH!

But for real, I was very pleased with the outcome! Check out the difference, I really look like I put on make-up and I was surprised how different and good I look with some extra makeup. I need to start wearing more eyeliner I think, and maybe curl those lashes!

Then on to hair... I am seriously going to try to grow my hair out, and I actually found something that I think I would actually look decent with! You can play with the dots to adjust the hair to fit your face better and you can play with color and everything!

For a digital makeover this wasn't bad! I'm going to plan for a Sophia Bush do! So check me out, hopefully in a year or so, if I can actually last long enough to grow it out... I could look like this! Oohhh La La!

Nothing a little vitamins, and curling couldn't work out... and if worse comes to worse I can try extensions! Hahaha Not really, but I will try to GROW IT OUT!

I couldn't finish this fun without some experiments with other options. This is when it gets fun! I don't think I would ever go for a dramatically different color, but it's fun to see what I could maybe look like!

If you want to do your own makeover check it out online for yourself HERE! This was so fun!!