So, I have decided I’m going to try to grow my hair out. I don’t know what has gotten into me because I always have short hair! ALWAYS! And I think I look good with short hair, so it’s not a bad thing, but the biggest challenge with having longer hair is growing it, and patience to wait for it to grow out!

Anyway, I decided to try out some new “do’s” online! It’s amazing what you can do on a computer. I searched around and found a fun Virtual Makeover site that actually does a pretty amazing job at making not only alternate hair styles look realistic, but also make-up! I went from a picture with no make-up or style to a gorgeous masterpiece! haha

You start by uploading a picture… and it gives specs. Then you mark areas of your face with dots to let the program know where things should be, etc. Then onto the make-up application!

First you start with foundation… And you can even choose the make-up you use by brand! Or maybe you want to try out a different make-up to see how it would look! I use Smashbox foundation, so I figured why not go with what I already have…

And then you move onto blush, eyes and lips… I noticed the biggest difference with the eye make-up! Very cool options for shadow application (one, two and,three color application) as well as eye liner with a very broad spectrum of colors!

You can even play with contacts… check me out with green eyes! Oh YEAH!

But for real, I was very pleased with the outcome! Check out the difference, I really look like I put on make-up and I was surprised how different and good I look with some extra makeup. I need to start wearing more eyeliner I think, and maybe curl those lashes!

Then on to hair… I am seriously going to try to grow my hair out, and I actually found something that I think I would actually look decent with! You can play with the dots to adjust the hair to fit your face better and you can play with color and everything!

For a digital makeover this wasn’t bad! I’m going to plan for a Sophia Bush do! So check me out, hopefully in a year or so, if I can actually last long enough to grow it out… I could look like this! Oohhh La La!

Nothing a little vitamins, and curling couldn’t work out… and if worse comes to worse I can try extensions! Hahaha Not really, but I will try to GROW IT OUT!

I couldn’t finish this fun without some experiments with other options. This is when it gets fun! I don’t think I would ever go for a dramatically different color, but it’s fun to see what I could maybe look like!

If you want to do your own makeover check it out online for yourself HERE! This was so fun!!