I watched the Bachelorette with Ashley Hebert and have been watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette on and off for years! It’s one of my meaningless pleasures. I don’t watch too much reality TV, but this I do partake in!

So when Ashley didn’t choose Ben I was definitely disappointed because while he seems to be like a best friend, he seem to be the kind of guy a girl should marry! I think in more cases than not, friendship should be the true bond of a relationship and everything else is a perk. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in sexual attraction and passion, but I think that only grows more over time with a true friend and will fade with someone that truly isn’t a friend!

Anyway, I was very excited when Ben was going to be the next Bachelor! I think he is a good guy, and he seems down to earth and respectable, but this first episode left me wondering what the show will be about. It started out with a lot of drama! Which is to be expected, but I honestly feel like Ben has slim pickins when it comes to a quality lifelong love!

I will definitely be interested to see how things unfold and hope that it isn’t a women’s bitch fest while Ben is clueless in the background. I think that is how the sneak previews portray him. But I could be wrong which is of course why I will continue to watch it! Reality TV truly does have a way of making you think things are much more dramatic than they may be…

So these girls… making interesting impressions from the start. I just have one person to say bad things about… although I’m sure I could say more about others. I would rather make this about my favorites and hopefuls to be Ben’s match!

So first we have Monica, I’m disappointed in this selection. She seems to be there to push people’s buttons and to increase ratings. And I’m sure she will. But she does piss me off, I mean she is giving my name a bad name here! I think she is a little devil and she is just trying to play the game of screwing with people… not a fan. Now don’t get me wrong, my friend Ashley and I (in college) thought it would be hilarious to be on a show like this just to cause trouble, cause who would ever really want to fight for one man among 25 other catty women! Not to mention knowing he is kissing and God knows what else with each of them. It’s really kind of sad… but it’s nice to dream that you can win the heart of someone… and it is certainly upsetting to know someone like this girl Monica is just there to screw with you and others! Not Cool! So hopefully Ben will figure this out and boot her!

Ok now onto my hopefuls! There aren’t many because like I said I wasn’t very excited about the options for him this time around! But here it goes…

My third runner up is: Brittney! She seems really sweet. Now it was a little odd that her Grandmother came with her, but in any case she still seems very sweet. So if she moves along I won’t be upset!

Second runner up! Emily! I liked her cause she seems really down to earth and she totally rapped for him! And it wasn’t just some rap, it was like this long elaborate rap and she totally pieced it together and had cool movement and everything! I really think she will add a little character and humor to the show and possibly Ben’s life… here’s hoping Ben will keep Emily around!

And my first choice……… drum roll please!? It is Jennifer! I don’t know why, she seems cool and I just thought she is a likely choice for him. She didn’t seem to be involved in drama, laying low but made a good impression! She would be my first choice if I was betting on who will be there in the end!

Well that was a lot of talk about a silly show, but I enjoy it so much… and hope these ladies make it to the end! I may continue to post about the show and what’s going on as things progress… who knows… but consider this me placing my bet for these ladies!

I hope at least one of them makes it to the final three… we shall see!

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