So after an awesome first 6 months of marriage, both Paul and I found ourselves packing on the weight, and faster than we ever imagined. We were gradually less and less interested in being active and more and more uncomfortable with how we felt about our bodies.

One of Paul’s clients, Optimum Health, provides weight loss management options, and as a jump start to the weight loss they supervise the HC3 Diet. Paul and I had talked about it for a while as an option, but were contemplating if we couldn’t do what the diet requires by just a eating better low carb and low fat diet. But on HC3 it’s very different!

They tell you how you will take a hormone and supplements and only eat 500 calories and my first thought was, I can lose that much weight if I was eating 500 calories without a hormone. But the burning question was how could I actually get by only eating 500 calories. It seems crazy, especially considering I had on many occasions done calorie counters and struggled to stay under 1200 calories.

The HC3 Hormone is a homeopathic version of the HCG Hormone, the pregnancy hormone. And while taking it, it is telling your body that it needs to provide additional nourishment to you and the baby you would be carrying. So the hormone causes your body to consume the additional calories (of fat) while you only consume 500 calories. To start the diet off, you have two days of loading, in which you consume 3500 calories of high fat foods to set the basis for the hormone to burn those same calories for the next 40 days. After the “Loading Days” you drop down to 500 calories and your body begins to consume the remaining 3000 calories from the fat that is stored in the body. It’s pretty miraculous, but we have already begun and it is working!

I will be posting details of our experience from the first two loading days and at a minimum weekly updates of our weight loss as well as, our highs and lows, and of course great food options that have helped us get through this 40 days!

If your lucky… I may even post some before and after photos of us both!