I’m doing double duty posting as many as I can about our trip to Vegas! I’ve got another handful of posts, and want to get caught up soon!

So on Valentine’s Day we had a date at the Neon Museum or “Bone Yard.” It was a very cool experience to say the least! The museum is in development and has not been around for very long, but in an effort to preserve the true art of the Vegas signs, they have begun a collection, and built a park and are in the process of developing a visitor center.

Right now you have to make advance reservations on their website to get a tour. The tour is with a guide and they are very informative and take much care in making sure everyone is safe (around the broken glass and rusted metal) and following the rules of the museum. We learned a lot about the various designers, font types used over the years and what the different shapes and colors signify. They even offer private photo shoot reservations for special events like wedding shoots and they even had a music video by the Killers filmed on site!

It is quite a sight, check out some of our pictures (Paul did HDR’s of most of these), and in all honestly while the pics are amazing, it’s is so awesome to see in person! You should check it out next time you’re in Vegas and support the preservation of all of this awesome work from the past! It’s well worth the donation!

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned as there is a lot more to come from our trip!!!

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