We all flew out Saturday, Paul and myself being the first of our group. The flight was on time and smooth, and our pilot even said “Everyone just snuggle up, and we’ll be in Vegas in no time!” This was the flight Paul and I were meant to be on! What an awesome pilot!

The flight was pretty easy for the length of time we were on the plane. I watched FX movies and when I wasn’t doing that I was helping Paul work on the menus design for Havana South Buford! And it turned out great!

We arrived in Vegas on time and before we knew it we were in baggage claim picking up our bags and heading to pick up our SEXY Mini-van! Oh yeah!

Kara and Kevin arrived about an hour after us, and by the time we had gotten the rental car, it was about time to head back over to pick them up! Once we all got together, we stopped by the resort (Wyndham Grand Desert) to see if could check-in, but no luck of course! So we decided to hit up a local brewery and grab lunch.

We went to Big Dog Brewery for some beer and lunch and it turned out to be a great choice! The beer was pretty awesome, and the food and service we right on par! There was a nice local atmosphere and they of course had casinos too! I was admiring all the dog artwork! They had a full dog wall that was really cool, I think Paul and I may do something similar, except maybe it will be a Chunk wall!

Following our lunch we toured the strip a bit on our way have to the hotel.

We were pleasantly surprised by our amenities as we got an AWESOME deal for the week! We have connecting rooms, each with a master bedroom, full kitchen, and living space with pull-out sofas. We even have a jacuzzi tub, two washer and dryers, and the amenities are great! We will be hitting up the 24 hour heated pool and hot tub this week! I imagine it’ll be awesome after long days at the Grand Canyon, Skiing and just partying and cruising the strip!

We got ourselves settled in and decided to head over to pick up some food and beverage for the room. Elaine and John’s flight was arriving late, so we were killing some time until they got in. When they arrived Paul and Kevin hopped in the SEXY mini-van, picked them up and we all hung out for a bit. Of course the time difference started to hit me, Kara and Kevin, and we were a lame and called it a night. But the party was just beginning for Paul, Elaine and John!

They headed over to New York New York and had a blast! Elaine and Paul are the gamblers in the group, so they could not be in Vegas without of course getting their gambling on! They were out until 6AM (9AM est), up over 24 hours straight! They started off true to the Vegas spirit!