The cool down this past week has definitely put me in the mood for Fall! I am so ready for the Fall and Winter weather and along with it my boots and scarves! YEAH! I think this year I will need to get new boots to add to the collection, and maybe even make a new scarf too!

My birthday is around the corner and I’ve got a little gift from DSW, so this could be a nice birthday treat! Keep in mind price… I mean if they are the ones, they are the ones and I could be flexible, but let’s try to be conservative! So the Vintage Style Boot is in…what do we think about these??

Civico 10 Sportster Leather Riding Boot – $99.95

I love the riding boots, they are just so versatile!

SM Women’s Aspenn Wedge Boot – $79.95

But these are also fun too!! I can totally see them with some skinny jeans, leggings or even a skirt! They come in black too…

Back to the riding boots, in suede. I like both of these colors, but this is the priciest one of all of them!

Nine West Vintage America Cookin Boot – $64.95

I like these a lot too, they have a little riding style to them but also that vintage rugged look! And they are the least expensive!

Which do you think I should get??