I know this isn’t a post for everyone, but for those that have read the blog before, you know I LOVE the Bachelor! Not the person, but the show… of course.

So things are progressing and women are dropping off. And naturally the drama builds, especially between certain individuals. In my original post, I thought the awful “devilish” one was Monica, well she’s GONE as of tonight! But ironically, she’s not by any means the one I detest the most. She had actually kind of backed off her craziness, and now the “EVIL” one is Courtney!

Now there’s always the possibility that those that edit these shows can portray some individuals negatively and others in a warm and fuzzy light, but there are too many clips of her saying the most petty shit! Like “WINNING.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSnMpXYL82Y&w=560&h=315]

I guess maybe that is the mentality you must have when you’re competing for one guy, but for those that really have feelings, it’s not about the other girls and winning, it’s about the Bachelor and having awesome moments and finding love.

So this past episode Ben let a girl go on a group date, and that was a little odd, but I don’t even know who it was he let go, so I guess she must not have been that important anyway (not to be mean, but she must not have gotten much face time). Anyway, two of my favorites (to make it into the top three) are still there!

First we have Jennifer, and she is a given. She is not only beautiful, but she is also super smart, independent, has character, and according to Ben she’s a good kisser (gotta have that chemistry)! It’s nice cause when you see her little clips all she is talking about is Ben and how much she enjoys spending time with him and how much she likes him. That’s what it’s about! I hope Ben keeps her around.

Now Emily seems to be walking a fine line with Ben and her issues with Courtney, but I totally feel her pain. I think in these kind of circumstances it’s hard to differentiate between a girl being intimidated by a “Model” (i.e. Courtney – the Evil One) and truly caring about a guy and the fact that he’s totally being duped by the pretty girl. I’ve liked Emily from the beginning, I think she is another independent, intelligent woman who isn’t afraid to jeopardize her own opportunity with a guy to make him aware of her concerns and hopefully make him see past facades! She definitely has Ben’s best interest in mind and not “WINNING”… Emily, whether or not you ended up with Ben, I commend you for speaking out!

It’s what all of us girl’s at home are screaming at the TV. And to be in a house with people who may be frowning upon you for saying something they may be afraid to say themselves isn’t easy! I’m glad that Ben gave Emily a rose, and hope he keeps her around.

And of course since Brittney left a couple weeks ago, I need a new girl for my top three and my third choice is Kacie B. I’ve actually liked her since the second episode, she’s down to earth, sweet and totally in it for Ben. She will definitely be in it til the end!

So here is the current standings and of course hearts around my favorites!! I hope Ben makes the right decision… looking forward to what happens next week! hehehe

Hope you enjoyed this one, Elaine and Adam! 😉