This past weekend was both Paul’s Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!) and Chinese New Year!  Our friend Trapper planned a get together for the Chinese New Year and we naturally thought it would be a great opportunity to bring our friends together to celebrate Paul’s Birthday as well.

So our evening started at Tofu Village Korean BBQ in Marietta, GA. Yes, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with some Korean BBQ! Paul and I have had Korean BBQ before, but it was a new experience for a lot of our friends, and we are definitely glad that so many were open-minded to the experience!

There was options to order entrees or to order BBQ where they cook the food on a grill in front of you. They also have an array of unique veggie and meat options like Kimchee (love it!) and cow tongue (never tried that…). Paul even had some rice wine (Gluten free!!!)!

After dinner, we headed over to Melody Karaoke, where we had a private room for our group to cut loose and sing! It was the first time Paul and I had done the private karaoke room, and it was awesome! Definitely an evening of experiences! The music was Korean-esc, with reverb  microphone effects and an Asian twist. There were flat screens around the room that displayed anything from Asian Music Videos, to floral scenery and more…

It was surprising how many music options they had, and with the bar just outside the door, the beer and Saki were flowing! Some of the crowd started to trickle out and we then decided to move the party somewhere where everyone could dance! Luckily there was a bar called “The Place” in the same strip mall, and we decided to check it out!

It was actually a great option, as they had plenty of dancing and obviously plenty of drinks to go around! The party just kept going, and everyone was dancing and having a blast. I was surprised it was so easy to find a good option so close by! “The Place” it totally was “The Place!” haha (see the site and you’ll understand why…)

Our crowd slowly fizzled out and we decided it was time to soak up some of the alcohol with Waffle House! While this didn’t get everyone sober, it totally hit the spot. After the awesome service and food, we took some time to get our friends home safely and then headed home ourselves to crash.

It was an awesome evening, thank you to everyone that came out to experience the Chinese New Year and Paul’s Birthday at Tofu Village, Melody Karaoke, and “The Place.” It was a blast to see everyone and celebrate!