After skiing we headed back to the city to prep for our last evening in Vegas. After all that we had done throughout the week, I have to say it was a pretty uneventful evening, but we had a good time, and called it a night fairly early!

We had dinner at Triple 7 Brewery in old Vegas, we were all starving and were surprised when we got to the restaurant and there a was a bit of a wait! But it was worth it as the food was great, there was a great selection from ribs, to nachos, to steak, chicken fingers and even sushi!

Kara and Paul both ordered the brewery sample platter of the various beers they have, and they weren’t disappointed! But there is one that taste like coffee, and even Elaine didn’t like it. But Paul drank it all… nothings goes to waste when he’s around, least of all alcohol!

After dinner we decided to walk Freemont Street one last time… I was in search of a souvenir t-shirt – which I didn’t find, and John was in search of the arcade he had wanted to visit all week! Along the way, we saw a guy get arrested, saw the really HUGE cowboy sign and Bass glass, and found the Heart Attack Grill where ironically a man suffered a heart attack not more than a few days earlier! Crazy huh?

We ended up finding the arcade that John had wanted to visit, but unfortunately by the time we had gotten there he wasn’t up for it, and we decided to call it a night. But not before we said “Hi” to this adorable English bulldog! She was attracting the attention of all the ladies! Isn’t she adorable!

Well I’m now finally caught up… and this is my last post from our trip to Vegas. It was an awesome trip, and I couldn’t end this series without including one of my favorite parts (our recording of the Bellagio Fountain)! It’s so fitting, cause it is “time to say goodbye…” to Vegas!