When we planned this trip, we knew it was going to be a full week in Vegas. And honestly most people don’t want to stay in Vegas for more than a few nights. I think it’s either because they don’t want to lose too much money, or you may just get sick of the gambling and non-stop party.

Because we were there for an entire week, we had to do other things with our time there, and what better to do than find a place to Ski! We’ve gotten so many comments that people didn’t think it snowed at the Grand Canyon, and I have a feeling most people will be even more surprised that there is a Las Vegas Ski Resort! Yes, Vegas is in the desert, but where there are valleys there are also peaks and you are surrounded by them in Vegas!

Kara was the one the initially research and found the Las Vegas Ski Resort! She had never been skiing and thought, “why not experience it in Vegas!” It was just Kara, Kevin, Paul and myself for this trip… we got up, dressed and ready and were headed out to do a half day on the slopes. It was only about 45 minutes or so outside the main strip of Vegas, so it was a pretty easy ride. I was amazed as we were driving through the desert how the elevation started to change. We went from dry and warmer climates to cold and snowy in no time!

When we arrived, the place was pretty packed… there were a lot of snowboarders too! Kara, Kevin and I signed up for a lesson, and had stayed on the bunny slope for most of our time there. Paul got all of us started prior to our class, but once our class started he was off to the crazy fun slopes!

The class was good, Kara and I had taken a couple falls, but nothing awful. I definitely think we learned a lot in our lesson (although it was longer than any of us expected). Kevin decided before they stopped the lifts that he wanted to try one of the more challenging slopes, and said it was a lot harder up there! He said that neither Kara or I would have been happy… haha.

It was a fun day! Check out some of the pics… who would have thought you could ski in Vegas!?

After hours of Skiing and no real lunch, we were ready for some beer! The lodge was open for an hour or so after the slopes shut down and we had a blast filling up on beer and talking with some of the instructors and locals.

What a fun day!

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