Since I’ve known Paul, he’s prided himself on throwing fun filled Halloween Parties. Last year we missed it as we had a lot going on and were actually traveling, but the Annual Halloween Party has been re-instated and I think it was a hit! There were a lot of awesome costumes, from Cleopatra, to Quagmire to Sponge Bob!

This was Paul and my first Halloween as a married couple, so we decided to do something fun! We were Barney and Betty Rubble from the Flintsone’s! All of our friends had wanted us to do this costume for years, and we finally gave in. And we even were about to find something that suited Chunk – He was our little Chunkasaurous!

Check out some of our fun pics! This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are more at the gallery link below… Next time you should consider coming out!

Check out the full gallery here!