Desi and Tristan came over tonight to help decorate for our Halloween Party tomorrow night – and have dinner with us (Paul cooked up an amazing roast!)! Anyway the decor was not going to be complete without The Chunk Pumpkin! This was my first ever attempt at carving a pumpkin and while it was harder than expected, I am very pleased with the outcome!

Our friends Natalie and Michael Webb sent us a template cause it looks just like our dog Chunk. I was so excited save the stencil for over a month in my inbox waiting for the right time to execute our work of art!

Paul started out by cutting the top (lid) and cleaning out the inside. He started to do the set-up or the stencil, and cut out the nose and first ear and then I took over the rest! You can check out the template above and see some photos of the process below. Chunk even stayed by me while I made his pumpkin portrait! I’m so excited, it turned out awesome!

Such a beautiful Chunk Pumpkin! If you’ve got any cool pumpkin art, I’d love to see them. And if you have recommendations for what we could do next time, I’d love to try them out!

Happy Halloween and check back soon as we’ll be posting more fun pics from the fun weekend ahead!