Every year we go to Helen, GA for Oktoberfest, unfortunately last year we didn’t make it out because we were busy planning our wedding, but this year we didn’t let it slip and it was totally worth it! We had such a great time. We headed up to Helen with Kristin (Andrus), Curtis, and Natacha.

We were very excited because our VERY pregnant friend Kristin (Kneeland) was all about it and checked with her doctor far in advance as she wasn’t letting her pregnancy stop her from doing anything! She’s 9 months and a week pregnant and she was out having fun! She is quite the trooper, I can only hope that when I’m in her shoes, I would wear it as well! And if she had the motivation and energy to be there, there was no way we could miss out.

We had to work the Sugar Hill Fall Festival, but decided to dip out early to head up to Helen! I strategically mapped out route to avoid traffic, and we were absolutely successful. It was actually pretty nice because it was a gorgeous scenic ride and we were moving the whole time!

Once we go there, we walked a bit, mostly to get to the restrooms, and then we headed over to Margaritas’ (we like to call it Paul’s cause that’s the place you see from the road), and they sell the big plastic cups that say Paul’s on them. We actually had several other friends there to meet up with like Denise and Sean (who just had their little girl Catie)! She was adorable, and not allowed in the bars or course! They even asked, and the response they got was no one under 21! haha

Kristin’s husband, Patrick,  and Robin also made it out and it was very nice to see them! And we also had a couple other friends, Natalie and Micheal who we hung out with and drank with for a while!

It was such a fun time! Kristin (Andrus) and I even took some time to walk around to a few shops! Had to stop in Hansel and Gretel Fudge Shop. Kristin bought some yummy Pumpkin Pie fudge for her friend Jamin, and we got a taste. It was delicious, and they only do that flavor in October (maybe into November) so if you’re up there you should check it out!

And I couldn’t leave without stopping by the shop we bought our awesome dog Chunk from. They of course were selling puppies again, and had an Rat Terriers this time. I couldn’t resist, I had to hold him, although he was already sold! I wasn’t about to buy another dog, he was NO CHUNK!

We headed back to meet up with our group, had a couple more drinks and then headed out. It was totally a blast! I can’t wait until next year!