I was married almost a year ago, and not more than a month before my wedding, my good friend Yarden was also married. We spent a lot of time together in the process of planning our weddings and after it was all done, we thought “this can’t be the last time we wear these awesome dresses and shoes!!!

So we agreed that we would plan a photo shoot where my husband Paul (the photographer) would photograph us throughout Atlanta in our awesome dresses and shoes! We originally thought we would do it in the spring, but time kept passing and we never made an official date! But it worked out because this past July another very good friend of mine, Desi, got married to her long time love Tristan! And so now we had three gorgeous woman and three gorgeous dresses waiting to be stars yet again!

You always hear about groups of brides getting together for a night out on the town, but never have I heard or seen really awesome fun photos, and that’s exactly what we’ve got!

Thanks to Paul (my wonderful husband and AMAZING photographer) and our friend Natalie Webb (who has been cranking out some awesome work since her recent break into the photography world). They both have an amazing eye, and I have to say it was hard to narrow it down to the 30 or so pics I included in this post! So definitely check out the full gallery!

We had such a blast, I would totally do it again! Check out the online gallery here, and definitely email Paul is you’re interested in doing a shoot like this, he can even include a limo!

Thank you so much Desi, Yarden, Paul and Natalie, this was awesome!

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