Sexy Time Chicken Fettucine Alfredo

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this past weekend we had decided to take on a simple, yet sometimes quite difficult dish. I don't know how many times I've had Fettucine Alfredo that just seems to miss the mark, and there's no way you can ever buy a pre-made jar of Alfredo and get the kind of feeling or response you can with a home-made sauce!

We decided to do this dish since we were having our friend Elaine over and that is her go-to meal, I don't know how often she eats it, but it's one of like three different type meals she likes. Of four, I think it may be her favorite! I want to give you some quoted reviews before I get into the recipe as I want you to be able to grasp the awesomeness of this recipe!!!

"I'm totally getting goose bumps right now! This is so amazing!" ~ Elaine (the Fettucine Alfredo connoisseur)


"I was sitting next to Elaine and can vouch for the fact that she literally had goose bumps all over her arms due to this awesome Fettucine Alfredo!" ~ Paul (who sat next to Elaine)


"When a guy is in the doghouse, if he makes this, there is no way his woman can turn him down!" ~ Desi (speaking from experience!)


Sexy Time Chicken Fettucine Alfredo
Servings: 6


  • 3 Large Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Fettucine Pasta
  • Heavy Whipping Cream (32 oz container)
  • Cream Cheese (approx 2 oz from an 8 oz box)
  • Finely Shredded Parmesan Blend Cheese - 5 oz Bag (includes Parmesan, fontina, Asiago, and Romano cheese)
  • Finely Shredded Parmesan Cheese - 5 oz Bag (Half for sauce, half for sprinkling on finished dish)
  • 6 Garlic Cloves
  • 1/2 Cup of Butter (two sticks)
  • White pepper (to taste)
  • Black Pepper (to taste)
  • 1 Tbsp of Salt (or to taste)
  • Fresh Parsley (1/2 finely chopped in sauce) and the rest as garnish

For the Chicken:
Brine the chicken in a 4 hour salt and garlic powder brine. We placed the chicken breasts in a Pyrex dish filled with water mixture which included approximately 4 tbsp of Garlic Powder and 3 tbsp of Salt.

The chicken was cooked on a charcoal grill, searing both sides for about 3-5 minutes depending on size of chicken breast. Once seared, they were moved away from the flame for indirect cooking for about 15 to 20 minutes. (FYI - our grill was only at about 250 degrees, the cook time will vary, but you don't want to cook it too long or the chicken will dry out and get tough!)

Also, the chicken should be on the grill when you start the water for the pasta.

For the Sauce:
Start by dicing up the garlic and simmer with the butter. Once that gets to a frothy boil, add in whipping cream gradually (it is not necessary to add it all at once). Spice the sauce up with your salt, and peppers stirring regularly with a whisk. Whisking the sauce will increase the thickness! Begin to add in the Parmesan Blend and the cream cheese. Let it simmer while you put your pasta into the boiling water (with olive oil). Continue to simmer the sauce while you are working on the chicken and the pasta, stirring regularly as you don't want the sauce to burn! Now add in the Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley. It's almost ready... now taste and add more garlic (fresh or powder) and salt as needed.

To Serve... Place noodles on a dish, spoon on the alfredo sauce, and place sliced chicken on top. Sprinkle with shredded Parmesan and chopped parsley and voilà! You are now ready to get your Sexy Time Fettucine Alfredo on!!!

We hope you will enjoy this and it's effects! It's absolutely amazing! It's not an every night thing as I have no idea how fattening it is, but it is an awesome treat or a way out of the dog house, as this will definitely get you SEXY TIME! ;)

(FYI this recipe is named Sexy Time Chicken Fettucine Alfredo after our "unnamed dinner companions" decided they had to excuse themselves from the dinner table to have SEX after eating this amazing meal!!!)

Elaine's 30th Birthday at 37 Main!

Last Friday we went out to 37 Main for Elaine's 30th birthday! It was a blast, we started out evening with drinks with Desi and Tristan at their place, and then headed over to 37 Main in downtown Buford!

Everyone had dinner and drinks as we impatiently awaited the performance of the 80's cover band 'The Breakfast Club' to come on. Once they were on, the party really got started and they were awesome!

Check out some pics of our fun evening!


Later on the party moved to the basement for dancing!

Unfortunately Paul and I had a wedding to photograph in Clayton, GA the next day, so we cut out early, but from what I hear the party was nowhere near over! I think Elaine, John, Desi, Tristan and the rest of the gang all stayed out until 6AM!

Elaine, I hope you had an awesome 30th! It seems like you guys really blew it out!

LIVE ROCK BAND KARAOKE for Shane's Birthday

Last night we celebrated Shane Cash's birthday with some good eats at Dark Horse Tavern in the Virginia Highlands, followed by some Live Band Karaoke with Metalsome at 10 High Club just below Dark Horse.

Dinner was nice with Shane, Ashley, Matt, Ruben and Kim. It was a beautiful evening and we dined on the patio... it was a nice start to the evening. Following dinner we headed down to Ten High which was actually kind of dead at 9:30/10PM. In the process we met up with Kara, Kevin and Amanda. We thought that Karaoke started at 9:30, but I guess the lack of crowd delayed the band... or maybe we were wrong about the time! Who knows, but we were ready to get this show on the road!

The band came on around 10:30! They played a few songs to get warmed up and get the crowd going and I was shocked at how many people started piling in! Paul, Shane and Amanda were our stars for the evening! Everyone else cheered them on! All three of them had sung with Metalsome before so this wasn't their first time to the stage.

Paul was up first with Bon Jovi's 'Dead or Alive!' And he killed it! I recorded each of them on my phone... would have been nice to have the 5D and a link into the sound system, but we kept it casual with the iPhone!

Check out Paul!

Shane was right after Paul with ACDC's 'Highway to Hell'! And he knocked it out! I don't think I've ever seen Shane sing like that...

And last of our group (for the first round) was Amanda and she did AWESOME! She was definitely the best female vocalist of the evening!

After the first round of singers, Paul and Shane stepped up to  the stage to do one more song each, and blew everyone away. These videos don't do it justice!
Either way it was a blast and you should definitely check it out! I don't sing in public myself unless I've had TOO MANY drinks! But I've heard it's an exhilarating feeling to get up and sing with the band! It's not your typical karaoke, that's for sure!

Happy Birthday Shane! Thanks for a fun evening, we really enjoyed hanging with all our friends for some LIVE ROCK BAND KARAOKE!!! What a Monday night...

Pretty Stoked!

Paul and I photographed a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and I am pretty stoked about how the pics turned out! I've done some second shooter work with him for various weddings, but this one I felt like I brought a lot more to the table!

Check out the post here!

St. Patty's Day Fun | Party ON!

So this past weekend was St. Patty's day weekend, and while we have gone to bars and traveled to places like Savannah to celebrate in the past, we decided to have our own little party! And I must say, while I have always enjoyed going out and drinking green beer with a bunch of strangers, it was a nice change from the norm, and we did it up right. Our close friends, Andrew, Desi & Tristan, and Storey came over for a festive dinner and drinks and an evening of drinking and fun!

In the spirit of St. Patty's Day, we of course had to make some Irish dishes, and what better than Corned Beef Brisket, Reubens and Cabbage in every form. Paul and I purchased two large corned beef briskets and I cooked them up in style! I was a little worried about cooking two at once, in one pot, but they turned out AMAZING! Paul prepared some amazing Reuben Sandwiches with all the fixin's - Rye Pumpernickel, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and of course Russian Dressing. Absolutely AMAZING! Desi brought some awesome Cabbage Casserole as well as her little experiment, which turned out really good - the little cabbage, bacon, cheese puffs. That was the best way I could explain them, they were delish!

The evening continued with drinking with great friends, and I must say it was one of my favorite St. Patty's day celebrations yet, even if it was low-key! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Chunk has his own little get together too!

Chunk's friends, Arnie, Chewie, and Eddie all came out to play for St. Patty's Day! They had a blast roaming the house and our yard, and I think all of them were quite tuckered out by the end of the night. Especially Chunk!

I couldn't finish off the evening (and post) without noting I did also make a desert with a little "green" to it! I wish I had pictures... but they were eaten up too fast! But I did get the idea from Pinterest, and they looked just like the pictures! Check it out here! I altered the recipe slightly using Ghirardelli Double Brownie Mix instead of Chocolate Cake.

It was a great evening and I truly hope all our friends had a blast!

Our Final Evening in Vegas...

After skiing we headed back to the city to prep for our last evening in Vegas. After all that we had done throughout the week, I have to say it was a pretty uneventful evening, but we had a good time, and called it a night fairly early!

We had dinner at Triple 7 Brewery in old Vegas, we were all starving and were surprised when we got to the restaurant and there a was a bit of a wait! But it was worth it as the food was great, there was a great selection from ribs, to nachos, to steak, chicken fingers and even sushi!

Kara and Paul both ordered the brewery sample platter of the various beers they have, and they weren't disappointed! But there is one that taste like coffee, and even Elaine didn't like it. But Paul drank it all... nothings goes to waste when he's around, least of all alcohol!

After dinner we decided to walk Freemont Street one last time... I was in search of a souvenir t-shirt - which I didn't find, and John was in search of the arcade he had wanted to visit all week! Along the way, we saw a guy get arrested, saw the really HUGE cowboy sign and Bass glass, and found the Heart Attack Grill where ironically a man suffered a heart attack not more than a few days earlier! Crazy huh?

We ended up finding the arcade that John had wanted to visit, but unfortunately by the time we had gotten there he wasn't up for it, and we decided to call it a night. But not before we said "Hi" to this adorable English bulldog! She was attracting the attention of all the ladies! Isn't she adorable!

Well I'm now finally caught up... and this is my last post from our trip to Vegas. It was an awesome trip, and I couldn't end this series without including one of my favorite parts (our recording of the Bellagio Fountain)! It's so fitting, cause it is "time to say goodbye..." to Vegas!


Skiing in Las Vegas!

When we planned this trip, we knew it was going to be a full week in Vegas. And honestly most people don't want to stay in Vegas for more than a few nights. I think it's either because they don't want to lose too much money, or you may just get sick of the gambling and non-stop party.

Because we were there for an entire week, we had to do other things with our time there, and what better to do than find a place to Ski! We've gotten so many comments that people didn't think it snowed at the Grand Canyon, and I have a feeling most people will be even more surprised that there is a Las Vegas Ski Resort! Yes, Vegas is in the desert, but where there are valleys there are also peaks and you are surrounded by them in Vegas!

Kara was the one the initially research and found the Las Vegas Ski Resort! She had never been skiing and thought, "why not experience it in Vegas!" It was just Kara, Kevin, Paul and myself for this trip... we got up, dressed and ready and were headed out to do a half day on the slopes. It was only about 45 minutes or so outside the main strip of Vegas, so it was a pretty easy ride. I was amazed as we were driving through the desert how the elevation started to change. We went from dry and warmer climates to cold and snowy in no time!

When we arrived, the place was pretty packed... there were a lot of snowboarders too! Kara, Kevin and I signed up for a lesson, and had stayed on the bunny slope for most of our time there. Paul got all of us started prior to our class, but once our class started he was off to the crazy fun slopes!

The class was good, Kara and I had taken a couple falls, but nothing awful. I definitely think we learned a lot in our lesson (although it was longer than any of us expected). Kevin decided before they stopped the lifts that he wanted to try one of the more challenging slopes, and said it was a lot harder up there! He said that neither Kara or I would have been happy... haha.

It was a fun day! Check out some of the pics... who would have thought you could ski in Vegas!?

After hours of Skiing and no real lunch, we were ready for some beer! The lodge was open for an hour or so after the slopes shut down and we had a blast filling up on beer and talking with some of the instructors and locals.

What a fun day!

An Evening True to Vegas

We got back to Vegas in the afternoon, after a very long night on I-40. When we got back, we decided to stop at a discount tickets place to buy tickets to a show. While we all would have loved to have gone to a Circ show, the ones we would have been willing to splurge on were sold out. So, the consensus was to get tickets to X Burlesque at the Flamingo. It seemed like a "Vegas" thing to do!

From there we headed back to the room to regroup before our night out! The plan was to get the classic pics in front of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign"...

...hit up the BEST buffet at the Bellagio of course! We got some more awesome pictures in the garden, but didn't think anyone would be interested in pictures of us pigging out!

Roll out of the Bellagio dinner buffet uncomfortably stuffed, stop for a glimpse of the famous Bellagio fountain before we head over to the Flamingo to check out the REAL flamingos in their garden and see an awesome Vegas show!

Unfortunately for you, there are no pics from the show (not allowed!), but you can check out the website and maybe just go next time you're in Vegas! For a burlesque show, it was pretty good! The guys enjoyed it, that's for sure!

We were absolutely beat after the show, and with a big day ahead of us and a long evening and day prior, we all decided it would be best to head back to the room! But we couldn't go back before we watched a full show of the Bellagio Fountain!

It was absolutely mesmerizing! I kind of wanted to save this video for the end of my Vegas series because of the song that played to the fountain, but decided to keep it real!

I hope you enjoy our video as much as we enjoyed it in person! Like Kara said before and during the trip, "I could watch that fountain every day of the trip!"


If I had only seen it earlier in our trip... I would have been there every evening! So AWESOME!

I-40 West Arizona, Snow Storm: Snugglin Up in the Mini Van

We were on cloud nine after being able to experience the Grand Canyon in it's cool blue mood! Leaving the park, the snow seemed to have lightened up and we were ready to coast back to Vegas. We stopped at the first gas station outside the park (that was still open) to fill up with gas, and I couldn't resist checking out some of the beautiful indian jewelry being sold inside. We browsed for a bit and then hit the road.

Paul took the second leg of the drive since Kevin drove on the way out, and ironically as we were leaving, the snow started to fall again! It actually started to come down so hard it was kind of like Star Trek's Warp Drive, moving in warp speed the way the snow was flying at us. The snow was sticking and the ground was getting soft and slippery.

We drove about a 100 miles through the snow and it was coming down hard when we started to come up on traffic. It wasn't too bad, we had completed about a third of the trip back, but no one wants to hit traffic! After rolling on and off for a little while, traffic came to a DEAD STOP! We had limited cell coverage, but of the six of us in our Dodge Caravan, the two iPhones had the best signal! ;) hehehe

We called 511 without much luck on what all was going on, and actually stepped out a couple times to talk to some of the truck drivers (cause they have the CV radios), to see if they had any information.

So apparently there was a wreck with multiple tracker trailers (one including explosives) that were blocking us from getting through. It was around 8pm by this time, and we had a long drive ahead of us. We were checking news sites online, and calling the department of transportation to see when we might be able to move. It was at least another hour or so before they told us the road was closed without any definitive open time.

We had a feeling it was going to be a LONG night! It was time to snuggle up! We were stopped in the middle of the road, engine off waiting. Paul, Kevin and I played Monopoly on my phone until the battery started to die, it seemed to be a good way to pass the time (monopoly is the never ended game, and we ironically didn't finish it before we got back to Vegas!). We had no information about when we might move, but felt it was necessary to stay up just in case a miracle happened! Paul and I were in the front, so we took turns starting and stopping the engine to heat everyone in the car every so often. With no indication that we would be getting back to Vegas any time soon, we all gave in and slept on and off through the night.

Night fell and morning came with a snowy mountain-scape and wall of trucks! We were all getting hungry although we had packed plenty of water, snacks (chips) as well as alcoholic beverages that helped pass the time! The on-board ac-dc converter would not power the blender, but snow worked well for my skinny girl margaritas! Elaine and John wanted more to eat, so they traded a pack of cigarettes with a truck driver for some fajitas, rice, and some beef and gravy! MMMMM YUM! haha People were wandering around to just get out of their cars and trucks after being cooped up all night, some were even making snow men! You gotta make the most out of such a crappy situation right??

After a while, the police drove by checking to make sure everyone had enough water, but ironically did not have any news about when we would be able to start moving. Another hour or two had passed that morning, and finally we heard over the speaker of a police car that movement would begin and we were all to return to our vehicles! We were finally moving!

We could not believe that this had happened, getting stuck on I-40 for over 16 hours!!! What are the odds... you'd think we would have a better chance of winning in Vegas than that happening right?? Obviously not! It was a once in a lifetime experience that I hope will only happen once in my lifetime!

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